This is not a Toy.

This is the most advanced electric cycle of it's kind. We designed this bad-boy from the ground up - with the most dynamic performance and potent character in a compact, simple package.

It's an Electric
Mayhem Machine.

Some people settle for what is forced on them. For the rest of us, there's the Brave One. A bold machine for the rebels, the outlaws, and those that live life like an action sport.

Brave One.

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Future Tech

Programmable control system with GPS, Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, a Proximity Key, and a Multi-Mode selector.

Serious Fuel

2 Li-Ion Battery Options with rapid charge system.


Hardened aluminum frame for high-speed stability, durability, and nimble dynamics.


1500W Hub-Motor with customizable power curves + active regen.


Your Mission
Control Center.

This goes beyond a dashboard - It's a full cockpit. Connect with the app for piles of juicy features like creating your own custom performance settings and sharing them with friends or connect other devices through multiple USB ports.

is History.

The Brave One is completely customizable. Build your own custom ride with quick-swap decks, seats and bars.


This is the New Wild West.

We are award-winning designers, engineers, innovators and brand builders. Inspired by our urban lifestyle, Brave Motors was born from our passion for things that move us and our teams deep experience in transportation design and technology. This isn't just our company, this is our way of life.

Coming Soon:

We don't mind wearing our hearts on our sleeve, so we are cooking up some Brave gear inspired by our journey. Check the samples and sign-up for launch updates to get yours.

Take Home #001

One lucky tribe member will win the first ever Brave One in production. All you have to do is sign up for launch updates, and you will be notified of swag releases, a launch date and more.

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